SINAMICS V90 the perfect Drive for simple positioning applications

We are leading Dealer, Supplier, Distributor, Service Provider of Sinamics V90 Basic Servo Drive System, Sinamics V90 Servo Systems from Pune, Maharashtra, India


Highlights of the SINAMICS V90 and SIMOTICS S-1FL6 servo drive system: Optimized servo performance . Auto tuning enables machines to achieve a high dynamic performance

  • Automatic suppression of machine resonances
  • 1 MHz high-frequency pulse train input
  • Multi-turn absolute encoder with 20-bit resolution

  • Integrated control modes: Pulse train positioning, internal positioning, speed and torque control modes
  • Integrated internal positioning function
  • Integrated braking resistor in all frame sizes
  • Integrated holding brake switch, no external relay necessary

Easy to use
  • Easy servo tuning and machine optimization
  • Easy commissioning with SINAMICS V-ASSISTANT
  • Parameter cloning

Reliable Operation
  • Wide voltage range 380 V ~ 480 V, -15% /+10%
  • High quality motor bearings
  • All motors have IP65 degree of protection and are equipped with oil seal
  • Integrated safe torque off (STO)
  • Reliable drive and motor combination

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