SIMATIC S7-1200 PLC, S7-1500 PLC, S7-300 PLC, S7-400 PLC

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SIMATIC S7: the global benchmark for modular PLC controllers


  • SIMATIC S7 is synonymous with innovation and quality in the modular PLC field. Decades of experience have been channeled into the SIMATIC S7 modular controllers from Siemens, with the result that the products are future-compatible, modularly expandable, vibration-resistant, maintenance-free and scalable. Our range of modular PLC controllers offers the perfect solution whatever your automation task.
  • SIMATIC S7 modular controllers can be expanded flexibly at any time via pluggable I/O, functional and communications modules, providing tailored solutions for your requirements. Choose from a wide range of performance, scope and interface options depending on your application. Our modular PLC are also presented as highly available or fail-safe systems.

SIMATIC S7 1200 Simatic S7 1200

The new modular SIMATIC S7-1200 controller is at the core of our new offering for simple but highly precise automation tasks. The SIMATIC S7-1200 controller is modular and compact, versatile, a secure investment, and is perfectly suited to a whole range of applications.

The S7-1200 CPUs with Safety Integrated handle both standard and safety-related tasks. A compact design with integrated IO, communi-cation interfaces that meet the highest industry requirements and a range of powerful integrated technological functions make this controller an integral part of a comprehensive automation solution.


Simatic S7 1500

The SIMATIC S7-1500 Advanced Controllers convince with their ultimate power that provides maximum performance for medium-sized to high-end machines with high demands on performance, communication, flexibility, and technology functions.


simatic S7 300

The SIMATIC S7-300 is used in many applications worldwide and has been proven successful millions of times.

Powerful, compact and cost-effective.The SIMATIC S7-300 universal Controllers saves on installation space and features a modular design. A wide range of modules can be used to expand the system centrally or to create decentralized structures according to the task at hand, and facilitates a cost-effective stock of spare parts. SIMATIC is known for continuity and quality.


Simatic-S7 400

Part of the SIMATIC process controller series, the S7-400 has been designed for system solutions in the fields of manufacturing and process automation. This process controller is ideal for data-intensive tasks that are especially typical for the process industry. High processing speeds and deterministic response times ensure short machine cycle times on high-speed machines in the manufacturing industry.


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